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Tracking changes and leaving comments on your LaTeX code can be very helpful. You can track the changes made by some or all authors to see their revisions at a glance, and use comments to suggest changes, ask for sources, discuss the tone or simply as a reminder that something needs to be done. Comments can be replied to, resolved and permanently deleted. This article explains how to use this great new tool on Overleaf v2.

Adding comments

In the editor move your cursor to the upper right corner and click the Review icon ReviewIcon.png to open Review panel.


Then select the portion of text you wish to comment on and click on the Add comment button CommentIcon.png.


An entry box will appear. Type your comment in the available text area and submit it by clicking on Comment CommentIcon.png.


Upon submitting, the commented portion of text will be highlighted and a comment entry will exist in the Review panel. Your peers will be able to see and reply to your comment.


Alternatively, if you do not wish to open the Review panel, you can just select a portion of text and click on the CommentIcon.png button. Afterwards, proceed as mentioned above to type and submit your comment.


Replying to comments

Access the existing comment thread by clicking on the associated CommentIcon.png button. Alternatively, you can open the Review panel and navigate to the comment thread.


Type your reply in the available text area, below the comment thread, and submit it by clicking on Reply ReplyIcon.png.


Your reply will be added to the comment thread. You can then edit or delete it, wait for further replies, or resolve the thread.


Resolve, re-open and delete comment threads

To resolve comment threads, open the Review panel, navigate to the comment thread and click on the Resolve ResolveIcon.png button. Resolved threads are still accessible, but the entry will disappear from the the Review panel. The text highlight will also be removed.


To access resolved comment threads, open the Resolved Comments ResolveIcon.png tray as shown.


Upon opening the Resolved Comments ResolveIcon.png tray, you'll be presented a list of resolved comment threads.


You can restart the discussion from the Resolved Comments tray clicking the Re-open button. The comment thread will appear again in the Review panel, as well as the highlighted text.


If you wish to permanently delete a comment thread, proceed as above but click the Delete button. This action is definitive.


Accepting or rejecting multiple revisions

If you've reviewed a number of revisions and would like to accept or reject them all, select the regions of text containing the revisions you'd like to act on. Then use the "Reject all" or "Accept all" buttons that appear as appropriate. The action you select will be applied to each of the selected comments.


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